Agmamito is a company with the tradition and experience established in 1988. The headquarters are in Swarzędz, where a modern office, a store and a main warehouse are located. We are an importer of upholstery fabrics. We cooperate with the biggest furniture factories, wholesale stores, upholsterers and other subjects related to furniture industry.



The success of the company is based on quality and passion. In either case a customer is in the center of all our activities. That is why we always try to meet our customers’ expectations.



The high quality of products and services have always been crucial for us. That is why our fabrics
are attested, and our employees ensure professional and nice service.



We take inspiration from journeys all over the world. We constantly visit the biggest fairs in Poland and all over the world. That is why every season we offer new collections based on latest trends
in design and colors, which our customers appreciate.
To aid our customers we distribute catalogs with our fabric offer.


distribution and logistics

The warehouse base and the application of modern solutions make most fabrics available on the spot. We deliver our products with our own transportation or with a courier service within 48 h.