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Fabric unique layer LiquidBlocked causes that the spilled liquids does not soak into fibers. Thanks to that you can just put on a absorptive cloth which will absorb the spilled coffee within seconds. The fabric will not even get dark after the contact with the liquid.

Nubuck Collections

Nubuck collection is addressed to the most demanding group of customers, which values durability, style and elegance. It comprises a large range of fabrics whose looks resembles leather, and thanks to many shades there is a possibility of combining some colors. Thanks to the innovative technology that was used during production, these fabrics are characterized by durability and softness during whole time of utilization.

Synthetic Leather Collections 

In the collection of synthetic leather one can find traditional leather patterns (Giovanni and Melbourn) as well as slightly shining Satin. Ideal for furniture upholstering, easy in maintenance and durable.

Plaited Fabrics Collections

tkanina tapicerska boss
tkanina obiciowa deno
materiał tapicerski ELLIOT
materiał tapicerski LOOK
tkanina obiciowa modena
materiał rupus
materiały obiciowe cablo
materiał rupus
tkanina obiciowa madras

tkanina tapicerska sydney
tkanina CORSO
tkanina epta
materiał obiciowy lino
tkanina tapicerska MILTON

tkanina tapicerska sydney

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