Information regarding fabrics

What do abbreviations in the composition of individual fabrics mean?

CO – cotton
LI – linen
PP – polypropylene
PU – poliuretane
PES – poliester
PAN – acrylic

What is the abrasion resistance?

This is the test in which a special machine checks the durability of a fabric by rubbing it. The test continuous until visible changes in the fabric structure are seen. The bigger number of cycles the given fabric has, the longer the traces of wearing will not be visible during the regular usage.

Is it possible to order a pattern-book?

Yes, it is possible. However, we send pattern-books only to companies related to furniture industry.

Are the colors of fabrics shown in the pictures identical with the real colors of fabrics?

We are making every effort to make each fabric picture on our website look as close to the real one as possible. However, what you see on your monitor is influenced by a number of things like: monitor calibration, an Internet browser you are using, lightning in the room etc. So, there is a possibility that the color on a monitor can slightly differ from the real fabric color.

Do individual collections have a bigger spectrum of colors than the one on the website?

The offer of individual collections available on the website is always up-to-date.

What is the width of Agmamito fabrics?

Most fabrics offered by Agmamito are 140 cm wide (+/- 2 cm. margin). If the width of the fabric is different, it is always marked in the technical specification card of the individual fabric.

Information regarding parcels

Here are some tips that will help you receive the parcel fast.

a) give detailed and correct address where a postman or a courier can find the person entitled to receive the parcel during the day,
b) the place of delivery should be easily accessed by minibuses which are used to deliver parcels. Roads accessed only by off-road vehicles, closed resorts or housing developments might make the delivery impossible. If a courier is not able to drive to the delivery point, the consignee might be asked to come over the road,
c) give the current phone number – if possible a mobile of the person entitled to receive the parcel,
d) in case of cash on delivery parcel prepare the exact sum of money.

How to check where my parcel is at the moment?

You will receive the parcel number from the sender – to locate the parcel use one of the following data channels:
a) Internet: GLS Track & Trace
b) phone – 804 262 262
mobile – 46 814 82 20

Can I check the contents of the parcel in the presence of the courier?

You certainly can. You have to remember that it is possible after signing for parcel on courier’s scanner.
a) the courier can not give you the parcel or let you open it before signing and receiving the money (in case of a cash on delivery parcel).
b) the courier at request draws up the protocol of damage, which is a ground for filling a complaint

What to do when the parcel is damaged?

a) depending on the damage size make decision whether to receive the parcel or not
b) immediately draw up with the courier the Protocol of Damage
c) immediately inform us about the damage.

Can I change the delivery address when the parcel has already been sent?

Yes, it is possible. In such a case please contact us. We will send GLS an appropriate order. Note that the change of an address might cause a delay in delivery for 1 – 2 working days.

Do you send abroad?

Yes, it is certainly possible.