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  • November 21, 2014

The fabric is a perfect recipe to make a room warmer and more original. Applied in interiors with austere décor it will soothe their look making it homey. FLORI fabrics can be easily recommended to classical style lovers who wish to introduce a bit of luxury breath.

It is distinguished by a unique pattern imprinted on plush fibers as well as incredible delicacy to the touch. Additionally, light satin shine of the fabric beautifully reflecting falling light, builds warm and, at the same time, friendly atmosphere.

FLORI is available in modern, intense, vivid color gamma, as well as more sober, warmer earth tones. Exclusive look and waterproofness make FLORI fabric perfect for our homes and also for hotels, restaurants and theaters.

FLORI fabric is distinguished by high color fastness to rubbing and light and also tensile and tearing strength.

FLORI collection

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